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Current Issue

Issue 1, Volume 6, January 2020

Original Article
Haematological and Biochemical status of Adolescent and Young Adults with Transfusion dependent thalassaemia – A study of 40 cases

Mohammed Nuruzzaman Bhuiyan, Susane Giti, Mahbuba Akhter, Lubna Naznin, S.F.H. Urmi and Md. Rakibul Hasan

Page: 782-790

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High-Risk Non-synonymous SNPs of Human Bcl-2 Gene Alters Structural Stability and Small Molecule Binding

A. S. M. Zisanur Rahman, Arittra Bhattacharjee, Abdullah All Jaber, Maqsud Hossain, Kazi Nadim Hasan, Sohidul Islam and Zaied Ahmed Bhuyan

Page: 791-800

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Curcumin downregulates the expression of p44/42 MAPK and causes caspase- mediated cell inhibition in MCF-7 breast cancer cells.

Honour Adewumi, Glendora Carter and Shakawhat Bhuiyan

Page: 801-805

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Useful effects of omega-3 fatty acids on serum Alkaline phosphatase and Gamma- glutamyl-transferase levels in middle aged patients with diabetes mellitus.

Tamnna Binte Habib, Qazi Shamima Akhter, Hasan Imam, Nahid Yeasmin, Farhana Rahman, Sharmin Nahar, Shamima Akhter and Tahmina Akhter

Page: 806-809

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Pathogenic Potentiality of Fungi Isolated from Seeds of Twenty BRRI Released Rice Varieties (Oryza Sativa L.)

Tania Sultana, MA Bashar and Shamim Shamsi

Page: 810-814

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A study on screening of blood donors for seroprevalence of transfusion transmitted infections at Transfusion Medicine department of Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP), Dhaka.

Bhuiyan MNZ, Giti S, Tarek M, Jesmine R and Shrmin TA

Page: 815-822

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Bacteria isolated from endotracheal aspirates and their sensitivity pattern in patients suspected of ventilator associated pneumonia in a tertiary care hospital

Md Monirul Hoque, Arif Ahmed Khan, Susane Giti, Mahmuda Begum and Md Mehedhi Hasan Shourov

Page: 823-827

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Breast Tuberculosis vs Breast Cancer in Bangladesh: A diagnostic Ambiguity

Gazi Nurun Nahar Sultana, Dilruba Sharmin and Tasmia Tahmid

Page: 828-832

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Non-tuberculous mycobacterium in chronic breast lesions in a tertiary care hospital in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Mizanur Rahman, Rummana Rahim, Abu Hasan and Soumya Kanti Basu

Page: 833-839

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Review Article

Molecular basis and functional diversity of TOUSLED kinase

Hashimul Ehsan

Page: 840-843

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A review on traditional medicinal plants used to treat gynaecological disorder in Bangladesh

Tasnuva Ferdous, Prativa and Mohammad Nazir Hossain

Page: 844-858

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Uphill Battle of CRISPR/Cas9: A Budding Technology in Need of Refinement

Gen Kaneko, Crystal Salinas, Hashimul Ehsan

Page: 859-871

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Letter to Editor

Mobile phone using pattern and the perception amongst university students in Dhaka city

Tasnuva Ferdous, Sanzida Shuchi, Asma Begum, MdShohag Hossen and Mohammad Nazir Hossain

Page: 872-881

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